Magic Stars 3 Slots

We hope so, and the image takes us into space with a bright and engaging multi-pointed star of sorts, depicting the number 3 inside it. So, is this star the key to some big wins in Magic Stars 3, or are there other treats in store? A quick glance at the paytable for this game reveals the image on the title card is the wild, and it is labeled like this in the game itself. Three of these would win 4,000 coins - a prize we reckon is worth hoping for.

Magic Stars 3 is a 3 x 3 slot game with five lines to bet on, which makes it a little bigger than your average three-reel game. You might also appreciate the use of various other sparkling stars in this game. They're far more detailed than stars often are in slots, so that at least is a good thing. We also get the chance to try a true HTML5 game here, so you don't require any plugins or other complex elements to play it. It's a case of loading and playing to see how appealing it is.

The appearance is what elevates Magic Stars 3 above many other games. The animation is great when you win something, especially if you manage to win something big. There is a gamble feature too, and this is based around the general theme of the game. With a chance to play on mobile as well, you can enjoy all the best bits of Magic Stars 3 today.