Outer Space Invaders Slots

Aliens come in all shapes and sizes whenever we imagine what they might look like. But the team at Pearfiction has clearly been inspired by an octopus, as there is a green one with just one eye looking to invade in this slot game. It doesn't look friendly, but if it has an important role to fulfil on the reels of this slot, it may still be good to find.

The game looks good with five reels and lots of characters appearing on it. There is an army general, a lady in a red dress, a frightened-looking soldier, and other icons as well. And yes, the alien does appear too. The woman in the red dress is called Rachel and she can go wild, appearing over an entire reel, holding what appears to be a baseball bat! There is also a free spins icon and a separate bonus icon.

You get 25 lines of drama going on in Outer Space Invaders, and it takes place on a deserted street where it appears the invasion has already occurred. Notice that broken fence? The bonus feature reveals a screen where the alien ships are spotted on radar. Click on them to get as far through the round as you can, amassing bigger multipliers to apply to your final prize. Meanwhile, if you get into the free spins feature, you'll notice you can see the alien - called Zerk - appears on the right of the new set of reels. You will see a Zerk health meter and whenever Rachel appears on the screen, she will attack him and try to win back her beau, who has been captured by the alien. Yes, there is a lot to enjoy here and we think you'll love every moment of playing Outer Space Invaders slots.