Kingdom of the Sun Golden Age Slots

Kingdom of the Sun: Golden Age seems to indicate we are going to a land beyond our own. Perhaps stepping into the past is the key to understanding this slot. Well, when we load it, we reveal a pharaoh and some pyramids, so there is no way we cannot guess this slot is based in ancient Egypt, in a golden age for that society. But will this game be just another ancient Egyptian-themed slot, or does it offer something new and different to try?

The game will be released at the end of February by Playson, and as yet we have very few details about it. We do know it looks set to have five reels and there could be three rows of icons spread over them. The official release describing this game does tell us it will be a bright slot and will include bonus and wild icons during gameplay. Those are always good to find, but will the bonus icon lead to free spins, or will we get another type of bonus that plays on a second screen? We cannot know the answer just yet.

Playson does mention the idea of respins though, and if you manage to score a series of those, you could be in line for a "win of 500 bets". That is the official description, so does that mean 500 wagers in a row, or 500 coins? We cannot wait to find out whether Kingdom of the Sun: Golden Age turns out to be a golden opportunity to play.