Batman Begins Slots

If you’re not familiar with the Caped Crusader, Batman Begins is as good a way to introduce yourself to him as any other. And since Playtech has developed this slot, we know we will be in good hands.

The first thing you should know about this game is that it comes with lots of wilds. Look out for the expanding flower wild, the cloning petrol wild, the random bat-signal wild, the extra microwave wild, and the shifting Batmobile wild. Yes, we did say there were lots of wilds here, and we meant it! But is that all this game can offer us?

The game features five reels, displayed over a snowy background. You will spot the four progressive jackpots towards the top of the screen as well. Hopefully, you may discover what it is like to scoop one of those. However, the game features five separate locations, so things change as you play. We like this aspect of Batman Begins, and it does keep your interest in the game flowing as you progress. Those wilds will come into play as you move from one location to the next. There are 20 lines here, and we would recommend you try the demo mode to check out how it works. With so much on offer on these reels, Batman Begins is going to attract way more than just superhero fans.