Lucky Dice Slots

One glance at the title image for the new Lucky Dice slot from Magnet Gaming reveals we have a classic slot to look at here. You can see various fruits and some sevens and bells too, so we can expect this to take on a familiar theme. The look of the game is very different to the average three-reel slot though – and far more impressive for that, too.

It takes on a 3 x 3 matrix and offers more than one bet level, providing you with a good chance to win whenever you play. At the top of the reels, you will notice a jackpot amount, and a Super Jackpot too. Could you be lucky enough to roll the dice to win one of those? Only time will provide the answer to that one.

The slot game includes a Game of Chance too, which takes place on the side of a building. The various levels here include 4,000 credits, 8,000 credits, other credit wins, a Dice Game, Flip a Chip, and Wheel of Fortune. No doubt the higher you go, the better the chances of winning a major prize. This is one of those games that looks formulaic when you first check it out. However, upon closer inspection, it provides you with a far bigger and better game than you might think. The only thing to determine is whether it will be a big winner for you as well.