Dollar Llama Slots

Animals crop up a lot in online slot games. So, can we expect a llama to make an appearance in this one? The opening screen gives it away, as we see a golden llama looking as though it is concentrating pretty hard. A cloud of dollar notes is floating around too, so maybe some of those might come your way if you play the Dollar Llama slot game?

High 5 Games created this one, and while an animal theme is not new, we haven’t seen too many llamas in slot games. The game looks great, with a lovely background featuring what looks like Machu Picchu, or somewhere similar. The game boasts six reels instead of just five, and with four positions on each, there is a lot to watch for with each spin. There is a golden wild that can pop up stacked on the reels too. Sometimes, you might spot figures on the wilds. These are Scatter Bucks, and they can reveal hidden treasures…

This was among the first batch of slots to be released this year. We have a long way to go yet to decide which ones will be the best for the year, but will this impress you enough to give it a try? Check it out now and see whether it could be a major winner for you. There are some big prizes to shoot for, for sure.