Beauty and the Beast

Most people have at least some idea of the story of Beauty and the Beast, but you may not have seen it replicated in a slot game before. That all changes now, because this slot from Yggdrasil Gaming uses that theme to take you to a castle where lots of delights are waiting to greet you.

The reels are superimposed over an impressive staircase. But while you may appreciate that, you’ll definitely appreciate the characters that appear in the game and which may have an impact on the way you play. For example, the butler might nudge a reel to help you win prizes. Meanwhile, the chef has power over the central three reels, and the maid can add up to four wilds to help you win more.

You also have free spins, wilds and even Golden Bets to consider in the Beauty and the Beast game. That means you must play it to see how exciting it really is!