Gorgeous Goddess Slots

Goddesses were once the talk of the town in ancient Greece, and it looks as if that is where we are heading in this slot from Green Tube. We see an ancient temple over which the title is displayed, and this reveals a glorious blue sky with greenery behind. Will we be as impressed with the game as we are with the opening image?

The game looks much the same as many other Green Tube slots do, with those colored bars at the sides vaguely indicating where the paylines lie. There are 50 of those, so they have been generous with them, but you might guess there are lots of lines to play on since we get a 5 x 4 matrix in action in this game.

You will see some characters appearing with each spin, along with the more familiar card symbols. There is also a golden coin that might prove useful. The goddess herself looks cheerful enough to be involved in this game, and she has a habit of showing up a lot in some spins. She can appear stacked, which is always a good thing to know. Will she assist you in winning some gorgeous prizes in the Gorgeous Goddess slot though?