Majestic Cats Slots

If you’re thinking of domestic cats that seem to own the place they live in (we’ve all met a few of those), think again. This slot game from High 5 Games is all about the majestic cats that live in the wild, and when you see the opening title image you will understand that is the case. We are in the wild with this slot, but will we like what we find there?

The game features some interesting elements, not least the chance to look for super stacked symbols. These mean you get more on a reel, so you could benefit from multiple wins if they stack up in your favor. You can also find split symbols on the reels, giving you yet another increased chance of some wins.

The game uses the familiar five-reel, three-row format, and packs in 30 paylines to bet on. You also get a free spins symbol, and if you find enough of those you will secure the chance to play some free games. Majestic Cats is treading a familiar theme here, but there are some great elements included. Are you watching to see if you get those stacks or split symbols in action when you play?