Mayan Dice

At least, it is a mystery until you load this game from Air Dice. They do like their dice! You get a Mayan theme here, not to mention lots of dice depicting different quantities of dots on them, just as you'd expect to see. The information table reveals a golden icon cube with a face on it as the bonus symbol, and this is capable of winning you three, six, or 12 bonus games if you get three, four, or five.

Yes, Mayan Dice is a bit different to other games, and brings you an innovative use of dice and a nice theme, too. It looks the part, and is nice to play as well as to see how the scattered colorful cube can win you scatter prizes. Many things are the same here as in other games, but you might appreciate the new views you get.

We liked the Mayan Dice game, and since there is a Chief Hi-Lo game available within it as well, it is not difficult to ascertain how much fun you might have playing Mayan Dice.