Cai Shen’s Fortune

Who is Cai Shen, you may ask? Well, Cai Shen is a deity in Oriental culture that is thought to grant good fortune on those who believe in him. So, perhaps it is time to start believing in him now, as you sit down for a game of Cai Shen’s Fortune, created by the reliable slot provider Genesis Gaming.

The screen we view while playing the game is quite appealing. There’s not much in the way of a background, but the reels are nice and large (five of them) and the game is played across 25 lines. You can start from a minimum of a cent on each line too, making it possible to cover the lot for a quarter.

As for features, Cai Shen’s Fortune has Chinese symbols used as the scatter and the substitute, so these will take a while to get used to. They are different, but they can easily be confused with one another until you are familiar with them. Three scatters reward you with a choice of one of five sets of free spins. The fewer spins you select, the bigger the multiplier will be for each one, and vice versa. This can be retriggered in the same manner, too.