Casanovas Romance Slots

Even if you’ve never heard of World Match before, you’ll want to check out their game based on none other than Casanova. Yes, romance is in the air here, and with a masked character on the loading screen and several masked ladies in the game too, this game is instantly engaging.

You would expect some rings here, since romance is in the air, and they appear with various colored gems in them. There is a bonus spin icon too, but even when three of these appear scattered around the reels, there is no guarantee you will win any free spins. If you should trigger this feature, select the free spin game button and go from there. If you do win some spins, every prize will be worth three times its usual amount.

The masked man – Casanova himself, we assume – is the wild in this game. As you would guess, he will replace most of the symbols found elsewhere in Casanova’s Romance, but not the bonus spin icon. Aside from that, this is a solid game that could award you dozens of free spins if you get the chance to spin the fan… or as we mentioned, nothing at all. Will you get lucky when you take the fan for a spin?