Cash Drop Slots

Now, we love this title – and we want to know whether there is a chance we could get some cash dropping into our account if we play it. Cash Drop is an instant win game, so it is very different from a traditional game. It also offers 20 lines, though – even though the game doesn’t look much like a slot. It takes on hexagonal-shaped areas and you can work on a 5 x 4 grid where the hexagons butt up against one another.

You do have some traditional elements here that you would see in other slots though, such as scatters, and there are lots of fruits and vegetables around as well. Is that enough to persuade you to have a go? You can also try matching colored hexagons to trigger a reaction on the game screen. Give it a shot and see what that means for you…

There are also three jackpots involved here – the mini, the midi, and the maxi. So, while the game uses very traditional elements, like bar, bell, and fruit symbols, there are other more innovative parts to the Cash Drop game as well.