Retro Riches Slots

It’s always good to check out some gaming alternatives to slots every now and then, don’t you think? Retro Riches not only provides an alternative, it also provides you with a chance to go back into the past – to the Eighties, by the look of things. This retro game is great fun and lasts longer than you might think, too.

The idea is to roll the die and progress around the board. You need to collect as many items as you can to try and match up one of the winning combinations in the top right of the screen. By doing that, you can win whatever prize you match.

Retro Riches also has a few mini games included – shown by a miniature version of a games machine. If you land on one of those, you can check out the game, play for whatever prizes it offers, and then return to the main game to continue. Will you end up scooping some retro riches, or some real prizes to celebrate with?