Merlin’s Elements

When you download a slot game and you are met with messages such as ‘cast amazing Elemental spells’ and ‘second screen free spins’, you know you are in for a good time. That’s exactly what is in store for you with Merlin’s Elements, which looks good and plays just as well, too!

The screen must surely be one of the most fascinating and nicely-detailed screens we have ever seen for a slot game. The crisp detail is stunning, and you will see lots of great icons on the screen as you decide your bets on this 30-line game. Merlin himself will watch the game too, and you can easily load the paytable if you want to. This reveals you have 243 ways to win.

There are four Elemental spells to watch out for, with only one feature associated with these able to be triggered in each spin. You must simply wait to see if or when you are lucky enough to trigger one. You may see water, earth, air, and fire in action, and each one brings a different perk to the game. And as if that wasn’t enough, there are two free spins floors to enter, too!