Draconia Slots

If you were half-expecting dragons thanks to that title, you won’t be disappointed. The Draconia slot game has far from a dramatic appearance, though, since the creators have opted for the cartoon dragons rather than anything that might just be real.

That is no bad thing, though, and indeed you can play on up to 40 lines with these cute characters around, so get ready to enjoy some serious gameplay. The screen also boasts four rows of characters across the five reels, whereas usually you would see only three. So, there is a lot to look forward to here.

While it is possible to win up to 100,000 credits here, chances are most players will win far less. However, the game offers some good entertainment, and there are free spins chances to be had, too. If you manage to win that feature, you’ll play your way through 15 free games. Now, that is something worth trying for. The witch might be evil, but she can’t be all bad as a stacked wild, and the scattered knights might also help you win a multiplier prize. So, try Draconia to see if this slot is draconian in nature, or better than you may have thought.