El Cartel Slots

El Cartel brings to mind a specific range of characters – and certainly ones that are up to no good. But is that true of this slot game from MGA Games? Well, you do get to see a couple of characters but they may not look quite as intimidating as you’d expect. That said, there is a lot of cash lying around on the reels, along with diamonds, so maybe there is something to be said about this pair being up to no good.

The game features three reels and just one line to win on, so it is far more basic than you might have expected. It does use a 3 x 3 layout though, so you can see the icons that appear just above and below the ones on the winning line. With that said, the game is bigger than you think, because there is a lower game and an upper game. You begin on the lower one before progressing to reach the upper one when you find a character called Plata. The upper game has bigger prizes to shoot for, so we hope you get there!

With the chance to benefit from nudges and holds, not to mention a chance to play two separate bonus games, this is one three-reel game that is far bigger than you might at first believe it to be.