Fairytale Legends Slot Games

We are all familiar with lots of fairytale characters, having read stories about them in our youth. However, NetEnt has given these characters a new lease of life. They have introduced several famous characters into their Fairytale Legends series of slot games.

If you are new to these, you are in for a treat. Well, you are in for three treats, because that’s the number of games now available. Allow us to introduce you to them.

Hansel and Gretel

You remember the story of Hansel and Gretel venturing deep into the woods where they were caught by a witch who wanted to eat them for dinner. Well, you can find out more about the story by playing this five-reel game where the two characters walk along either side of the reels.

While the game does away with a wild symbol, you will see a treasure chest appearing on each of the odd-numbered reels. Get three of those and a mix of three bonuses are available to trigger. Choose a chest and you will discover which one you have secured. There are three fairy random bonuses to be won in the main game as well.

Red Riding Hood

Red pops up as the wild symbol in this game, and she looks happy to be in that role. You get the chance to find three treasure chests here to unlock a bonus feature too. This could be Beware the Wolf, a coin win, or some free spins.

Three Fairy Features are also available to trigger randomly, while two wild Red Riding Hoods in one spin will grant you a respin to try and win something else.

Mirror Mirror

This is the most recent release in the series and contains similar random features to the others. There is a Fairy Magic Spin and a Fairy Surprise, but instead of a coin win you get a Fairy Mirror bonus. This triggers the Mirror Respin that can also be won elsewhere in the game.

Treasure chests have been replaced by golden boxes in this slot, but you still get three possible bonuses to win whenever you find three of those. There are coin prizes and free spins to be had, but the third bonus is a Mining Bonus, which fits in with the theme of this slot.

Which game will you get started with, and how lucky will you be when you play? Try them all today and find out.