Mr Cashman Slot Game

Mr Cashman. Hmm, does that name sound familiar? Maybe you met him once. Or maybe he is the character that appears on a select few slot games originally created to be played inside real casinos. Mr Cashman is not a person, just a famous character appearing in slots developed by the Aristocrat slot game brand. Funnily enough though, he doesn’t have his own slot game. The idea is he can appear in several other slots designed to promote Mr Cashman as an extra feature.

Which games feature the Mr Cashman character?

There are four key slot game titles that Mr Cashman has appeared in. Created by Aristocrat, these games take in several varied themes:

  1. Jailbird
  2. African Dusk
  3. Magic Eyes
  4. Jewel of the Enchantress

Each game was created in a ViridionWS cabinet. The presentation is split into three broad sections as you look at the machine:

  • Top section reveals Mr Cashman himself
  • Middle section is the gaming part of the cabinet
  • Bottom section reveals the promo image for the game, i.e. Jailbird

Here, we will find out more about Mr Cashman, what he looks like, when he appears, and what you can expect to happen if he does.

How can you spot Mr Cashman?

He isn’t a cartoon character as such – rather, he appears in the guise of a gold coin. That’s appropriate for a slot game, we guess! He is always smiling and wears white gloves and a top hat.

How does Mr Cashman work within different game titles?

The Mr Cashman feature involves various bonuses that could randomly be triggered if you decide to play a machine featuring the character. For this to be a possibility, you must be prepared to make the maximum wager on the game. Therefore, if you usually play the minimum bet, the Mr Cashman bonuses will not be available to you. That means you may end up playing other games. Make sure your budget works with the maximum bet amount and that you are comfortable playing it prior to getting started.

The five Mr Cashman bonus features that could appear

Any of these could be triggered if you play the maximum bet on each spin of the relevant machine.

1: Match the Prize

Mr Cashman watches over a selection of stars from his position seated on the moon. A prize amount is also depicted on the screen. Choose a star to see what you can find. Matching the prize means you’ll win it and continue with the main game. However, there are other prizes to win too, along with free games. There’s a multiplier to be had in those games, so you could potentially win free spins, multiplier values, and some credits here as well.

2: Choose a Feature

Mr Cashman presents you with a choice of two items in this bonus. One hand reveals a gift while the other reveals a pile of cash. The gift will contain anything from five to 20 free spins of the game you are playing. These will also give you a multiplier of between 2x and 5x your prize whenever you win.

The pile of cash awards a random credit prize worth up to 1,000 credits. This is an instant win prize.

3: The Poker Bonus

Here, you will see a poker machine. Mr Cashman will appear to spin the reels of that machine. It’s a simple one, showing three reels. The numbers shown on the reels when they stop spinning relate to the number of credits you have won. That means you could hope for 999 credits at most from this bonus.

4: Random Spin Bonus

Once you’ve completed a spin, Mr Cashman could appear and choose to spin one or more reels again for you. Chances are you will win something from those reels spinning again. There is also an opportunity to get a multiplier from Mr Cashman. The smallest one awarded is 3x while the largest is 10x. Anything you secured in prize money from his random spin of the reels will be enhanced by the multiplier you were awarded.

5: Random Bonus

Mr Cashman pops into view on the screen and casts a spell over your prize pot. You are guaranteed to win a random bonus prize in this feature. The longer he waves his fingers over the screen the bigger the prize will be. The maximum bonus here is an amazing 25,000 credits!

Are there any hints for playing Mr Cashman slots?

There are two important things to remember here. Firstly, only a maximum bet placed on a spin of a Mr Cashman slot will give you a chance of triggering a bonus. Secondly, those bonuses are all randomly unlocked. You could play for ages without triggering one, whereas a shorter game session might potentially see you unlocking two or even more. You just never know.

These games are clearly designed for players with bigger budgets who are prepared to play bigger bets on each spin. If that sounds like you, check out the Mr Cashman slot machines today. You never know how generous Mr Cashman might be feeling…