Fruit Loot Reboot Slots

Sometimes, you can learn a lot from the screen you see while a slot game loads. That is the case with Fruit Loot Reboot, which treats you to a taste of some of the perks it can offer. Much better than a dull screen with a loading percentage showing and nothing else, don’t you think?

Once Fruit Loot Reboot loads, the doors open to reveal five reels. Except the game also has a single reel! There are two modes to the game, and you can choose which mode you want to play in. This game is best played after taking it for a few spins in demo mode, which is also provided alongside the paid version. If you go for five reels, you will play over 20 lines, too.

Fruit Loot Reboot provides something completely unusual and new, along with an RTP of 97.24%. Combine that with some cool icons and a nice mix of play features, and this could become a new favorite.