Straight Pool Slots

Are we looking at a game based on swimming, here, or a game based on pool - as in the table with the balls on it? It's the latter, as you will see when you load Straight Pool from Join Games. And we think you might like what you see, too. Why is pool such a rarity in the slot game world?

This game looks the part, anyway, and it is great to try it out. The graphics leave something to be desired, but since this is a game based on pool, you don't really miss out on too much in terms of detailed graphics. You get five reels in play and these present you with 20 lines, so there is a lot to bet on as you get started.

Watch out for the trophy included in the game, because this is a wild icon and it can help you win your own prizes. With a chance to grab 10 free spins with the help of your scatters, Straight Pool could deliver some nice prizes, too.