Royal Crown Slots

That is the big question we ask of all slot games, of course, and this one loads with no sign of any crowns in sight. So, what does this game from Beefee offer us by way of prizes and icons?

Firstly, you will see lots of fruit on the reels. So, while there are five reels and 10 paylines, this is a supersized classic game in many ways. The instructions and controls are very simple and all at the bottom of the screen. Additionally, you have a brick-built structure that looks a bit like an underground vault where the game takes place.

Royal Crown is a basic game, and while it does have a wild, there is no scatter evident to look out for. That means you might correctly guess there is no bonus game, and you would be correct in that respect. For a larger version of a basic three-reel fruit slot, Royal Crown is a good replacement. Otherwise, it may be too simple for some.