Gemini Twin Slots

Gemini is one of 12 star signs, and it is also the theme for this new slot game from Green Tube. The logo for the game features the word Gemini, with the sign appearing just above it. We can tell very little else from that image, other than we have a star sign theme here. So, does Green Tube offer a new game that will be good to play?

If you know anything at all about the sign of Gemini, you’ll know it is the sign of the twins. So, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise to find two reel sets in this game. Yep, you get two! Despite that, the game is designed to appear much like a regular one-armed bandit machine would look. You can even spot other elements of a regular casino floor behind the machine, although there is little space to show much else.

Gemini Twin uses a 4 x 3 matrix for each reel set, and they appear one beside the other. The paytable is shown above each – yes, you get two of those as well. With 10 paylines per set of reels, you could win up to 20 times per spin if your luck is in. Gemini Twin is unusual and is a nice twist on the theme. It won’t be complex enough for everyone, but if you like the idea of playing on two reel sets, give it a try today.