If you do from the title Luchadora, you would be correct. We love slots that pack in 30 paylines, so this was worth a shot from the start. The five reels each bring you four icons per spin, too, so there is plenty going on. The background design isn’t too detailed, but it blurs out to focus your attentions on the reels.

Luchadora is a game that gives you four wrestlers to look for. Each one is named and has a different color theme to make them easier to see. Any of them can go wild in this game, so bear that in mind. There is also an underdog icon, and this can transform into La Luchadora if the four wrestlers have all gone wild once you reach the bonus game.

Yes, there is a bonus game too. With four corners of the wrestling ring involved, a Lucha Smackdown feature, and free spins among other things, Luchadora knows how to reel in an audience.