Olympian Epic Slots

Whenever a slot features the word ‘epic’ in the title (and we don’t think that happens very often), we wonder if it can live up to the title. This attempt at doing just that comes from High 5 Games. We appear to be in the world of the Olympians here, and the Greek Gods. The game features some dramatic characters, and you never know… some of them might just bring you some cool wins.

Wilds are shown as hands holding bolts of lightning, and these can expand on the reels. Watch for a chance to trigger the Ascension Bonus if the right icons line up in the right way when you play. You will see Hermes, Aphrodite, Dionysus, and Artemis here, as they appear above the reels during play as well as possibly showing up on them. There are five of those reels, and plenty of chances to win, too.

It is impossible not to like this game. We’ve seen many games taking us back to ancient Greece, but that time is a good one for many to play games in. This one is a great example of just how much fun the gods can be, if they grant your wish of winning some prizes, of course!