Ho Yeah Monkey

But what does it mean? If you guessed there might be a Chinese influence here, you would be correct in that, because the game is introduced with some Chinese symbols. There is a cheery little monkey to the right of the three reels too - no doubt hoping to find some bananas on the screen. These appear in ones, twos, and threes, with each version bagging some prizes for getting three across the single payline.

There are greater riches to be won if you play three coins on the line instead of one or two, and the top prize is worth 2,000 coins for three strange red icons with grass underneath. It doesn't matter what they are though - just that you can find three of them!

This is a basic game but it does benefit from presenting players with some cool chances to win prizes. And with everything on the screen, paytable included, that makes Ho Yeah Monkey a sure bet to enjoy.