Jousting Wilds

Jousting is an age-old format where two knights on horseback aim to knock each other off their horses. Yes, it's not the most appealing of things to do, but this slot game is based on this ancient theme, and it is an innovative theme too - not something you see every day.

But this is a pleasant game and one that takes place on the walls of a castle - very appropriate, and the background is very detailed, too. There is a lot to appreciate in this game, and it is a nice one to play. You will see that if you realize there are big stacked wilds involved, and the chance to choose a lucky knight for a Jousting Bonus, too.

But the fun doesn't stop there with Jousting Wilds. There are princess wilds involved here as well, and various other relevant symbols. With 20 win lines and a nice 5 x 3 matrix of symbols, it is easy to see why this game is a winner among fans. Will it be a real winner for you, too, though?