Treasure Coast Slots

The mention of a treasure coast makes us picture a beach with cool waves lapping upon it, and stacks of treasure washed up for us to find. Winning prizes in the Treasure Coast slot may not be quite that easy, but there are some good reasons to have a closer look.

The graphics in the Treasure Coast online slot game are not as flashy as those you might be used to with other games. There's a guy sitting on the beach with a cooler, and occasionally he grabs a drink from it. There's a boat in the sea, and the icons on the three reels available here float in the sky. This is a 3 x 3 game and you can play from one to 14 levels when choosing your bet.

There are eight lines to try and win on, and you must get three matching icons on a line to win. Although the game looks pretty simple, it does have some additional features to watch for. These include Lost and Found, Flag Hunt, and Forgotten Gold. There is also a boat race game, and a chance to find a table tennis bat to play for a prize. So, while the game may not look too thrilling to start with, it does have more bonuses than we have seen in most other three-reel games.