Power Mania Slots

Occasionally, we review a game other than a slot, and here we’ve encountered a bingo game called Power Mania. That sounds dramatic enough, don’t you think? But what does it offer the eager player ready to check out the various elements involved?

The game sends out a request to any player not viewing it in Chrome, but we did just fine on another browser, so it might be dependent on your own experience. Once the game loads, you will see a basic format with four bingo tickets on the screen. These are presented with three rows of five numbers in each. In the center of the screen is a revolving dollar sign.

Check out the top of the screen and you will see what the prizes are for getting various patterns on one or more of your four cards. If you click on play, you’ll see the bingo balls shoot out and your numbers are marked off if you have them. you can then choose to play up to six additional balls out of the machine if you wish, for an additional bet each time. This might be worth it if you are waiting on one number, but consider your budget before you go ahead.