Winboost Wheels Slots

Winning Wheels Slots

We'd expect to find wheels in a slot named Win Boost Wheels (also appearing written as Winboost Wheels in some quarters), and we do get a sign of that as we look at the main screen for this game from CR Games. It comes with five reels, three rows of icons, and nine lines to bet on.

It was released in the middle of December 2017, and we don't have much more information to go on. CR Games isn't a well-known developer of slots, but that could change if this one catches on. There is an opportunity to win a prize worth up to 500x the amount you wagered on a winning line.

But what of those two wheels? Well, one is a bonus wheel and the other is a Super Boost wheel. We like the sound of both of those! There is a chance they could help you boost any wins you create, while triggering mystery symbols to appear too. Could you make the most of playing a round or two of Win Boost Wheels to see if you can boost some wins?