Mystical Fortunes Slots

We sure hope so, and you never know, they could come to you by way of the Mystical Fortunes slot from WMS. This game is based around an unusual format which includes six reels. The one furthest to the left has seven icons on it, and each successive one features one less icon on it. This means you get an arrow-style set of reels to look at. If you want something that plays differently to many other games, this could be a good one to try.

As you might guess from the title, Mystical Fortunes is based on a mystic fortune-telling theme. As such, you can check out the crystal ball that might appear here. This can appear stacked on the reels as well, which is great news for you.

There are lots of paylines in action in this game (192 of them), and plenty of intriguing images to keep you entertained. Stacked symbols seem to occur quite frequently, which does mean you could end up snagging lots of wins in a single go. There are also three lots of free spins you could potentially win, so check out this slot now to see just how fortunate you could be.