Plenty on Twenty II Hot Slots

Plenty on Twenty was an original release from Green Tube. They’ve now gone one better and released Plenty on Twenty II Hot, which is something of a mouthful but thankfully easier to read than to say.

There is a cheerful number 7 front and center on the main screen for this game, which is lit in shades of red behind. There are fruits here too, all quite happy-looking, which means we could be in for a classic. You might be surprised at the greater number of paylines here than you’d usually see in a fruity game, given there are 20 in all.

As you might guess from the title image, the number 7 gives you the best prizes of all. This is also a wild, so you do get a chance to form other prize-winning combinations with the help of the 7, too. The star is worth looking for as well, since this is the scsatter. And that is about it – there is very little else to report about this game. We were hoping for some other features, but this is a bigger version of a three-reel game, to be honest. Does that suit you?