Rollin’ Trolls

Trolls don't appear very often in slot games, but they pop up here and the detail you get in the loading screen alone tells you how good the potential is here. And since you could win up to 1.2 MILLION credits, don't you think it's worth playing Rollin' Trolls to see what you can find here?

The game boasts lots of features, and we mean lots - there are cascading coin drops going on, sticky wild reels to benefit from, and Elvish free spins, too. Yes, there aren't only trolls in this game, because you can spot elves on the reels as well. There is also a Rollin' Jackpot, which as you might guess, gets bigger the longer you play. Could you be the lucky player to trigger it?

This 3D game looks superb, and with five reels and 30 lines in action, you need only start spinning once you have placed your bets to get a chance of winning some of those impressive prizes.