Rudolph’s Revenge Slots

Would you ever imagine Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer had revenge in mind? Well, apparently, he does, according to the storyline that inspires this slot game. It does provide a very different outlook to the usual Christmas slot games you have probably already tried. That's one of the main reasons to try it, although there are others, too.

For starters, the game gives you five reels to spin, backed up by an impressive 50 paylines. Rudolph is a wild here, of course, and if you get a prize with his help, he'll double it for you. The scatter is a wrapped gift, but when you see the gift is a bomb, you can see Rudolph does indeed seem to have revenge in mind!

If you can find three or more gift-wrapped bombs appearing from the left-most reel over to the right in sequence, you will secure free spins. These guarantee you double-value prizes, which is good news if you like to make the most of your winnings. There isn't much here in the mechanics of the game that is unusual, but you can enjoy a range of great characters and images, so that alone makes this game worth a closer look.