Dragon Daze Slots

If we asked you to search out three slot games featuring dragons, you’d probably have a list ready in less than five minutes. Probably a lot less time than that, too. Dragon Daze from Skillzzgaming can be added to that list, but is it any good? Do the cute dragons appearing in this slot look the part, and do they reveal a game that is good enough to play?

Well, we do not yet know what the answer is to this one, because the game is yet to be released, although it will land and be ready to play in the next couple days. Early indications are good, and the cute cartoon theme is clear from the title card alone.

With five dragons of varying shapes, sizes, and colors peeking out from craters in a rock, with fiery cracks starting to spread through it, the image does make us wonder what lies in store for us here. We’ll soon know the details, and we’re sure whatever happens will lead to some great fun to be had with this title.