Shamrock Shuffle Slots

With a title like Shamrock Shuffle, it won’t be a huge surprise to realize this game has an Irish theme. It might surprise you to learn it was created by a company called Spike Games, though. That was a new one even for us.

But let’s see what the game can offer. You get lots of reels and rows to start with, as the game uses a 5 x 6 format. You also have a few paylines to bet on, to see whether the leprechaun can award you some luck for spinning those reels. The game is completed with a nice background, not to mention some appealing music (though it may get a bit much after a while).

But the game Shamrock Shuffle also has some bonus surprises in store for players to enjoy. You can try and get some free shuffles, for example, and use them to collect tokens bearing the cheeky chappie leprechaun himself. There is also a cute worm called Shamus, and if he should appear on the reels, he can cause mayhem and destroy some of the icons that have spun into view. If he does that, you can bet the Shamrock Shuffle will bring prizes your way.