Time Bender: Take a Journey Through Time with Arrows Edge

Arrows Edge has created some truly appealing slot games recently, and Time Bender looks to be yet another one to add to their impressive collection. We loaded this game to give it a try, and with 40 fixed win lines and bets starting from 80 cents and reaching to $240, you do have lots to get stuck into here.

The first thing you’ll notice is the futuristic look of the game… and is that a time machine that looks suspiciously like the Tardis from Doctor Who? It looks like it, but this is not an official game. Still, with a Cash Grab jackpot lined up alongside the bigger Super Slots progressive jackpot, you will want to play it for a while. The game features a highlight feature on each spin, and if every position on the middle three reels is highlighted, this will mean a colossal symbol re-spin is awarded.

The Time Bender game also brings with it a nudge feature, tipping the odds in your favor once again, and you can also take advantage of the Rings of Time bonus feature. The task you must complete is to select a segment of the ring to see whether it turns red or green. Red ends the round, but green wins you a prize and allows you to continue. Will you get further in the Time Bender bonus round to win as many prizes as possible?