Siberian Storm Dual Play

Remember Siberian Storm? Maybe you played the slot game you have at least heard of it. Either way, we now have Siberian Storm Dual Play to contend with, and the game is definitely of the ‘new and improved’ type!

As it loads, you will realize this is a complex game, featuring two reel sets joined by a long reel in the middle, running through both the top and bottom reels. Sounds confusing? It looks complicated too as you first load the game, but worry not – once you give it a try in demo mode and you read the instructions and the info in the paytable, it gets easier to understand.

The dual play mode means you have two games to play, and they both come to the fore when you get some free spins to enjoy. Look out for scatters and wilds to make the game more interesting, and play a few spins to see how thrilling it can be to enjoy Siberian Storm Dual Play reels.