Stunning Snow Slots

BF Games may be a new entity to you, but they have released a nice festive slot in the shape of Stunning Snow. There isn’t much snow to be seen in the title image, but we can see a Christmas tree, some gifts, and some bow-wrapped stacks of coins, too. Does that bode well for you if you give this slot a try?

The game features a classic selection of fruits on snow-dusted reels, and you can bet on up to 10 lines over the five reels. It doesn’t go much further than that, and the design of the game itself doesn’t shape up to be as appealing as the opening title screen. That is a shame, since that image is great, and the title is good too.

It is one of the less-festive slots we saw released toward the end of 2017. But if you like fruity games and you want one that does tie in with the festive season – albeit tentatively – this one might be worth a try. It should pass the time, and you could end up developing a soft spot for it too.