Triple Topaz Slots

High 5 Games saw out 2017 in style with the release of their new Triple Topaz slot game. The topaz was used in the opening screen here too, with three appearing in a beautiful setting, and the O of Topaz used for another one too. But while that screen looks good, will the game itself be good to play as well?

The first thing you will notice about this game is the unusual layout. There are five reels, which is normal enough, but the number of positions on each reel varies. They work as follows – three, four, five, four, and three. This provides a diamond-style shape. It also means you benefit from having 720 ways to win with each spin of those reels.

The game does feature some nice elements. Firstly, the topaz can appear in Super Stacks, which means an entire reel could be stacked with them. And since two topaz gems can appear in one space, these could as two icons whenever they appear. You need only get two to trigger a four-icon prize! Other features include the Find Your Fortune bonus, where you get to choose one of three gems to determine whether you want a low, medium, or high-risk outcome. There are jackpots to be had here, so choose wisely and see what might happen.