Volcano Riches Slots

There is a pun in that title, as the Volcano Riches slot game comes from none other than Quickspin, producer of some nice slot games we’ve tried in the past. The Volcano Riches title includes a woman who appears almost to be a volcano in her own form. Yep, it sounds odd, but she has flaming hair, fiery eyes, and it looks like she is holding lava in one hand. Hmm, that’s an interesting concept.

The game itself plays over five reels, but there are four icons on each one. The icons included in the game are beautifully detailed, using a nice selection of colors. While the hot theme is evident from the start, there are cool colors here too that provide a nice contrast. The game also includes a Volcano Wild feature, which means eruptions can create more wilds than you originally had. We like the way that sounds, for sure.

And yes, you also get a free spins bonus to try for. When you get this far, you can expect to enjoy an enhanced version of the Volcano Wild feature you see in the base game. Here, you enjoy a pays-both-ways format that means you could win in situations you wouldn’t in the main game. The usual controls are in place at the foot of the screen in this slot, and Volcano Riches delivers on its early promise. We like this one, with stone idols and other characters appearing within the flaming theme. Try it today!