Wishing Tree

Every slot game uses a theme to drive the game itself. Some themes are seen a lot more than others, and you could include Chinese culture in that category. In the Wishing Tree slot, we are once again in that same territory.

This game can be played with five, 10, 15, or 20 paylines activated, although you'll stand the greatest chance of winning prizes if you play all of them. Pays are calculated according to adjacent symbols, as indicated on the paytable, so this makes things a bit more unusual, too.

The wishing tree is a wild, but it is no ordinary wild. Instead, it is a surrounding wild. What does that mean? Well, basically any tree that appears will turn everything next to it into a wild icon. That means one wild could trigger many more to appear. This is the main perk of the Wishing Tree slot, so try it to see if you like it.