Castle Builder II Slots

Castle Builder II must surely be one of the most anticipated slot games to make it onto the internet in recent times. If you loved the original Castle Builder game, there is plenty in the sequel to intrigue you and bring you back for more. And if you didn’t play the original, don’t worry – you can dive right into this one instead.

Playable on all devices, the game has more depth than many slot games. You can play as one of three different avatars, and each one has their own unique skills. One of these is locked when you begin, so you must achieve enough elsewhere to get the chance to play as the third character. There are traditional elements here, such as assorted symbols, wilds, and so on, but you must collect construction symbols to build your castle before doing anything else. Watch for admirers to come and view your castle, too – and that could be good news.

You can play on 15 lines and as you collect winning combinations and building materials, you can watch as your castle – to the left of the reel set – gets bigger. How big will it get, and what could the outcome be for you as you play? One thing is for sure – Castle Builder II is already building its own solid fanbase, and it is easy to see why.