Top Cat Cash Slots

Remember Top Cat? Even if you are not old enough to remember this classic cartoon when it was first shown, chances are you’ve seen an episode or two since then. Top Cat is a great show, and here you get the chance to play an instant win game that could see you win up to £5,000. Are you ready to know more?

The idea is to take the lids of the garbage cans to see which character is inside each one. Look at the shirts on the washing line, and you’ll see how much three of each character is worth. Match three to win that amount, or find a fishbone and win £5 instead.

If you do win something, the game confirms the win at the end once all the garbage cans have been uncovered. You then click finish to complete the game. You can of course play more than once if you’re feeling lucky. The game looks good and uses classic images of each of the characters. It’s easy to play and passes the time in-between sessions on your favorite slot games, too. Give Top Cat Cash a try today to see if you can win real cash.