King of Monkeys Slots

Seeing the name GameArt attached to a slot practically guarantees you’re in for a good time. And the King of Monkeys title screen indicates that is the case here, too. Check out the fearsome-looking monkey you’ll see when you load the game and get ready for some interesting facts to come to light when you check out the paytable as well.

The game uses the typical 5 x 3 format but it eschews the usual paylines in favor of 243 betways. We’re good with that! An unusual wild in red with gold detailing reveals four Chinese characters on it. We guess that might say wild? They replace everything apart from the scatter, which is a modern-looking and colorful take on a temple of some kind.

The King of Monkeys himself seems to be the character shown on the bonus symbol. Yep, you get one of those, and it is a cool thing to find. To find the monkey, though, you must first get some of the students on consecutive reels. There are some unusual features here, as you can see, and that makes the game very appealing to try. There are free spins involved as well, so with lots to look forward to, why not check out the King of Monkeys slot game now?