8 Or 88 Lucky Charms

Lucky charms come in many forms. Spinomenal has a couple games to introduce us to here that are based around lucky charms. The mention of the numbers 8 and 88 in their respective titles indicates these games are based around Chinese culture, too. That’s because the number eight is thought to be very lucky there. And since we always hope for good luck when playing slot games, these could be very lucky indeed.

Let’s see what these two games can offer us and see which one might be best to play.

8 Lucky Charms

This one benefits from clearly-labeled wild tigers, white cat free spins, and yin-yang bonus icons. It also boasts 50 paylines, so there are ample opportunities to win multiple times with each spin.

Multiple wilds in a win bring bigger multipliers, and the free spins feature also has a wild dragon that expands to fill the third reel. Meanwhile, five, 10, or 20 free spins could be won with the help of the lucky white cat. The fewer the number of spins you choose, the greater the multiplier. Finally, you can match charms in the bonus feature to unlock the prize associated with the charm you get.

88 Lucky Charms

Will this game be 88 times as lucky as the original? The game is more colorful and complex, and offers five reels again, but this time we get 243 ways to win. We still get wild, bonus, and free spins icons, all labeled and all very colorful and well-designed. You get 20 free spins if you can fill the middle three reels with that special icon.

Meanwhile, the golden cat must complete the fourth and fifth reels to unlock its associated bonus feature. There are no clues to what the bonus might be, but perhaps we will receive another pick feature as before?

Our verdict: Which game is best?

We cannot honestly choose between them. Both games feature some excellent options and winning ways, and that makes it possible to secure some big wins if the icons fall in the right places.

The second game has imagery sharp enough to give some 3D effects here and there, although it is not strictly a 3D game. Watch the free spins icons move as they appear though – it is an excellent effect. Try playing these games now and see whether you could pick a favorite.