Intertops Sportsbook

Not everyone who watches sports likes betting on the possible outcomes. However, if you do, head over to Intertops Sportsbook to check out just how easy it is to do there.

We dived in to find out what the Sportsbook was all about, and we’ve come back with some awesome news for you. Read on to find out why you should check it out now.

Watch for the user-friendly left-hand menu

This is your passport to finding your way around the Intertops Sportsbook website. Firstly, there is a search box, so you can type in the name of a player or match you are looking for there. This cuts down the time you’ll spend searching for what you need.

You’ll also see a soccer coupon and the halftime betting links provided there for convenience, which is good to know.

All set for some special offers?

Everyone loves a special offer, which is why Intertops Sportsbook has laid on a special area just for them. This area includes information on the sign-up bonus, which offers up to $1,000 for your first deposit.

There are also some parlay free bets available, not to mention a monthly cash prize in the Odds Hunter competition. Be sure to check out this area of the Sportsbook each time you visit, so you don’t miss out on anything.

Top sports and more sports

Yes, it’s easy to find the most popular sports when you land in the Sportsbook section of the Intertops website. Soccer, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, and golf are all included there, although they might change occasionally depending on the events that are going on around the world.

Interestingly, the more sports section also includes a link to the stock market betting area. We wouldn’t call that a sport, but there is also a non-sporting section there worth looking at, so at least they’re easy to find!

Click on any sport and you’ll see odds for the next games to be played. Making your wager is super easy from this stage. Watch for the top bets and outright areas as well, not to mention the panel at the top of the page. This reveals the latest information and bets for forthcoming events in that sport.

If you want a sportsbook you can rely on and that is easy to use, Intertops Sportsbook is the one to try.