Zoom Slots

Zoom is about as simple a title as you could ever hope to get for a slot game. The image for this game from Thunderkick reveals a mix of symbols you would expect to see in a classic three-reel slot. Think about bells and fruit and you get the idea. So, does that reveal what lies in store for us here?

In a word… no. Zoom sees a 6 x 4 grid divided into six 2 x 2 areas. Those 2 x 2 areas could transform into single large icons during play, which could have significant benefits for you. Just watch and see how the game progresses, to find out if you could get some advantages from larger icons. Sometimes, they can get bigger than that too – how about a 4 x 4 icon?!

Zoom is one of those games that doesn’t appear to deliver very much to start with. However, the more you play, the more you realize it has some attractive features that will be great for you. There are Super Massive Symbol respins, for example, and these can make it way easier to win much bigger prizes. Zoom is a simple word, and it doesn’t really describe how entertaining this game is. One thing is certain though – once you begin play, you won’t want to stop.