Lucky Games Casino

Lucky Games Casino
Lucky Games looks very different from any other casino you may have visited previously. The darkened screen is different for starters, and you are immediately presented with a prediction and lucky number on the screen. There are ‘roll under’ and ‘roll over’ options, too, so you would be forgiven for being a little confused!

On closer inspection, you must try to guess whether the next number will be higher or lower than the one shown. If you scroll further down the home page, you’ll see live bets that have been made by other players, and whether they won that bet or not. It’s fast and furious, and it’s worth checking out if you use a digital currency.

Bitcoin and more

Next to each bet made, you will see a logo under the ‘coin’ heading. This shows you which digital currency the player used to make their bet. It’s a good way to try and win currency to add to your account. You can then withdraw any winnings very easily using the controls above. You can deposit on the same screen, too, so the whole site has been designed to be very user-friendly.

Aside from Bitcoin, players can also use Blackcoin, CLAMs, DASH, Digibyte, and Dogecoin. The choice is yours, so which one will you use to try your luck with?

More unusual games to try your luck at

If you are looking for slot games and the usual mix of casino games, you will be surprised by what appears when you click on the games heading. There are balls games, dice games, roulette, and cells. Just click on your chosen preference to find out more.

Again, the resulting screen is different to any other casino. That’s one of the reasons why we expect the Lucky Games Casino to attract a whole new audience looking for something different to play. And, of course, anyone who loves playing with Bitcoin or another digital currency will also be pleased with the items they find.

A nice chat feature to liven things up

Over on the left of the site, where the games tab is, you can also look for the chat tab. This opens a panel on that side of the site, so you can chat with other players. When you get the hang of what the Lucky Games Casino can offer, we think you will enjoy the experience.