Four Guardians Slots

Four Guardians do indeed appear in this slot title, but do they bring good luck or bad in the game itself? You'll want some answers before you begin to play, and we've got the details right here for you. The game is a Gameplay Interactive title, and they have decided on an Oriental theme here. More than that, they've gone for a theme based on folklore, with the Four Guardians of the title protecting the world.

The game looks sensational, even though it does have the more formulaic Q, K, and A symbols to contend with. They have been given a cloudy makeover here, as you'll see. The game includes a golden wild with a green gem in the center, and the word in green, too. It also replaces everything - a rule that doesn't often come into play in slot games.

But there are also four other wilds here, with each one representing one of the four guardians. These are shaped as a dragon, turtle, tiger, and phoenix. They also expand in different ways, which are shown in the paytable. This means getting one or more guardian wilds on the screen could enable you to trigger more prizes to be won. Will you receive help from the Four Guardians as you play this engaging slot game?